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Pictues of our work in Franklin, PA where we rebuilt and updated a 1903 Estey organ.

Pipe racking
Each pipe has to fit in its own particularly sized hole.
  The Estey was originally built in 1903 according to marks on the pipe work.
We were, for the most part, able to transfer the sizes of the old rack holes to the new racks. But still adjustments must be made with the files and reamers.
Occasionally felt must be added to slightly oversized holes.


Electro-pneumatic Slider chests replace Estey Ventil style chests.
The new chests were supplied by
Organ Supply Industries of Erie, PA The stop action is via electrically operated slider motors. The chests have built in wind pressure {schwimmer} regulators.

The just hoisted Great Chest is almost ready for final positioning

We have the equipment to hoist the heavy chests into location.

Some solid state equipment ready for installation.
The Syndyne keying system will scan the console functions and send the data to the chambers to tell the various note valves to make beautiful music. :-)