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Same pipes, New Home

Our latest project;, almost complete, is the relocation and rebuilding of the 1988 Schantz instrument at Medina United Methodist Church in Medina, OH. The organ has been reinstalled, enlarged and revoiced into the church's new sanctuary. The new building was designed by Ziska Architects of Cleveland, OH.

The organ utilizes a new fiber optic control system provided by IOTI.

Erie, PA Rieger ORgan updated.
Quite a few of the lighted push buttons no longer performed up to snuff and new switches of similar function and design proved to be just as expensive and difficult to replace as it would be to replace the system with a more traditional look. It was decided that new drawknob actions would be very desirable and quite feasible.
The Solution
With 48 drawknob units involved there was just enough room to "squeeze" new compact Drawknob solenoid units into the space formerly alotted to the lighted push buttons. It was appropriate, being located in Erie, Pa that Organ Supply Industries would supply the new SAM units.
Elegance; the Result
The new arrangement is much more traditional in appearance, functionality and performance.

New Syndyne pistons replace the old very small lighted pistons with a more traditional appearance and feel. The new engraving in Harrington font was provided by Arndt Organ Supply of Ankeny, Iowa. The black drawknob heads of black composite material were provided by Jan Rowland of Houston and the new combination action and stop action control drivers were provide by Solid State Organ Systems.

Craftsmanship of
The newly fitted components were engineered and crafted in our woodshop. Fine imported hardwoods provide and beautiful warmth and elegance to the new appointments. Zebrano drawknob and piston rail faces with Bocote top surfaces of the terraces will aquire a warm and rich patina to match the fine Rieger wood and bone keyboards.

We recently updated the Schantz console at Gesu Catholic Church in University Hts., OH. We removed the old mechanical and pneumatic switches and replaced them with Syndyne solid state relays and Harris Tiliting Tablets.

Rebuilt console for Gesu Church, University Hts., OH
Updated console at St. Ann Catholic Church, Cleveland, OH
The 1949 Schantz console was refinished and re-fitted with new keyboards, new stop knobs and a total SYNDYNE control system to the chambers.

Let us solve your console updating needs.